A Hackathon to Increase HIV Testing in Victoria

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What is #TestFestVic?

Calling all hackers, hipsters and hustlers! Enter #TestFestVic – a hackathon where participants have 2 days to create a digital-related invention (hardware or software project and prototype) to increase HIV testing in Victoria. To celebrate World AIDS Day on 1 December, the competition will be held from 30 November to 2 December and will feature presentations by world-leading HIV experts, as well as tech experts on the latest digital health innovations. The top teams will receive a total of $10,000 development grant and access to experts to assist you in taking your invention to market.

#TestFestVic is using 4 Personas, listed below, as the targets for this event. These 4 populations may be at risk of HIV but don't usually access testing facilities or understand their risk of HIV (DHHS 2017). 

  • Young women (<30 years) who study, travel or work abroad

  • International students

  • Community members with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander backgrounds

  • Community members who identify with and travel to high endemic countries (i.e. Sub-Saharan Africa, South East Asia, Eastern European nations).

HIV Facts and Resources:


Why enter?



#TestFestVic is open to all Victorian residents over 18 years of age with a desire to solve HIV issues in Victoria through digital innovation. You can register as an individual or team. A #TestFestVic individual or team must have at least one skill of the following roles:


Build the invention

Computer programming and engineering


Deliver customer experience

Content strategy and graphic designing


Generate outside interest

Project managing and marketing 

During the hackathon, #TestFestVic will provide a group of Huggers to support you with your invention.


Subject-matter expert

HIV rights activist




A woman who studies and works abroad


A gay international student


A male migrant from East-Africa


A sistergirl Aboriginal Australian

The Personas' personalities will be revealed on competition day.



Day 1

Friday, 30 November 2018

Auditorium, Doherty Institute

17.30  Check in open

18.00  Speaker: Introduction to HIV testing in Victoria

18.20  HIV Positive Speaker

18.35  Speaker: Digital Intervention in public health sector

19.00  HIV Positive Speaker

19.15  More details about the competition & Team-building

20.30  Doors close


Day 2

Saturday, 1st of December 2018

Digital Studio, Arts West

09.00  Doors open, hacking starts!

09.30  Huggers assist in planning

12.30  Lunch time

13.30  More hacking!

14.00  Mentors go around groups

17.00  Doors Close

Day 3

Sunday, 2rd of December 2018

Doherty Institute & Digital Studio

09.00  Doors open, hacking continues!

12.30  Lunch time

13.15  Prepare poster presentation

13.45  Huggers assist with presentation 

14.30  Poster and invention ready to display

14.45  Judges assessment

16.00  Announcement of Top 3 & Top 3 pitch presentation  

16.50  Announcement of the winners

17.00  Doors close

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